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Adventure tours from Split Croatia 


Adventure tours is a discovering new ways of spending holidays in Croatia. These tours are for real travelers, who seek out both the highlights of a destination and true experiences of local culture. Croatia is more commonly associated with sunbathing and swimming in a sea, there is a lot more to do here.

Believe it or not, there are various adventurous activities that you can do when you’re not too busy indulging in the things mentioned above. Croatia is surprisingly filled with many hidden gems perfect for those that enjoy adventure. So without any more delay. Here are top adventurous things to do in Split and Croatia.

Free to choose among different types of adventure tours in Croatia. We will take you to the extraordinary places which you will never forget. Our aim is to discover for you those places where you can feel and taste the ‘real spirit’ of Croatia. Our offer includes tours that will make your heart pumping as well as will relax your body and clear your mind. Turn your holiday or vacation into an adventure!



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