Split - tourist info

Split Croatia tourist information

Split is a very famous touristic place that can offer different kinds of enjoyment, no matter what the age, preferences and interests are. It’s variety of features gives you the opportunity to experience something new every day. It is very much alive and will definitely leave you breathless.

The centre of  Split is the old part of town where most of the monuments are situated. You can take a guided tour there and learn all about the history and the most important places.

Therefore you can also take a walk on your own. There are a lot of small streets and if you walk through them you will find many interesting and cosy places of your taste. There are a lot of bars and restaurants, but not just that. You will certainly find a lot of small shops with home made jewellery and accessories, small family owned bakeries and hidden places where domestic people goes.

At the very peak of Split there is a park forest called Marjan. Covered in a dense Mediterranean pine forest and completely surrounded by the city and the sea, as a result it’s making it a unique sight. It is a favourite weekend excursion destination and a recreational centre for the city. On the tip of the peninsula houses is situated Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries.

On the other hand, if you want to have some fun and party the best place to go is Bačvice beach. The beach is very big and there are moreover bars, bistros and restaurants open during the day. During the night it becomes a party place with a lot of clubs with different kinds of music where you can relax and enjoy Split night life.

Things you can do for free:

  • Visit the Park Forest Marjan
  • Have a swim on the beautiful beaches of Marjan
  • Explore the small streets of the city
  • Enjoy the view from the near by mountains that have walking paths
  • Visit the river Cetina and its natural environment

Things to do for very small price:

  • Enter the main cathedral of St. Domnius
  • Enter the cellars in the Diocletian palace
  • Visit the ruins of their old town of Salona that used to be 3 times bigger than Pompeii
  • Visit the old fortress of Klis from the 7th century

Our aim is to assist you in discovering places where you can experience the ‘real spirit’ of Croatia.

Further, you can ask us anything you want. Our goal is to make you experience in Croatia the best possible and we will do what you need to achieve exactly that. Doesn’t matter if you want a calm or active holiday, we will make it happen.


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